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Dr Hasan al-Turabi passes away at 84
by crescent-online.net

March, 2016
One of the leading Islamic political thinkers and activists, Dr Hasan al-Turabi passed away today in Khartoum. He was 84. A specialist in Islamic Law (he had a PhD in Islamic Law), he had contributed many books on the subject as well as served in various capacities in political office. Close to many Sudanese leaders, he eventually fell out with them ending in prison on numerous occasions.

Main Stories

Subverting Muslim aspirations through terror groups
by Zafar Bangash

March, 2016
The noble concept of the Khilafah (the Islamic State) has been besmirched at the hands of terrorists and head choppers. This is part of a plan to undermine the aspirations of Muslims for legitimacy, justice and peace.


March – a month of grim anniversaries
by Zafar Bangash

March, 2016
While associated with renewal and growth, the month of March brings grim reminder of how terribly movements for change in the Muslim world have been subverted. Leaders of Islamic movements need to pay close attention to their modus operandi.


The age of ignorance
by Zafar Bangash

March, 2016
Ignorance is deliberately bred by ruling elites in order to manipulate people’s emotions. This is especially true in countries that never tire of drum beating about free speech, democracy and the rule of law.

News & Analysis

Erdogan, Bani Saud dig own graves in Syria
by Yusuf Dhia-Allah

March, 2016
Even while most of the world has realized that foreign mercenaries cannot overthrow the government of President Bashar al Asad, Erdogan and Bani Saud continue to harbor the illusion, with disastrous consequences for both.

Islamic Movement

Needed: Islamic Movement’s own economic model
by Nasser Hameed

March, 2016
Muslim scholars have written extensively on the political and social theories of Islam but there isn’t enough material on the principles of economics. The few attempts at Shariah-compliant activities are mere window dressing and do not meet the requirements of Islamic law.

Book Review

Tiptoeing over some crucial details about ISIS
by Dmitry Shlapentokh

March, 2016
The takfiri groun Daesh that also goes by the name ISIS or ISIL is much in the news. This book by Andrew Hosken sheds some light on the group but skips crucial details.

Editor's Desk

Crescent reaches 45 in the age of the Internet

March, 2016
With this issue Crescent International enters its 45th year of publication. It has not been an easy journey by any stretch. That we have survived so long is due to the mercy of Allah and the support of our readers for which we are extremely grateful.

Letters To The Editor

What future for Hamas’ struggle

March, 2016
Islamic resistance movements face many challenges, none more critical than the kind of friends they keep. Hamas faces this dilemma most acutely.