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‘Today terrorism is our common worry’ – The Rahbar
by crescent-online

November, 2015
"The bitter events brought about by blind terrorism in France have once again moved me to speak to you young people." In less than a year, the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei issues his second letter to the youth of Europe and North America. In it, he touches on the terror attacks in France and invites the youth to examine the root causes of such events in order to find corrective measures.

Main Stories

Paris attacks: the French 9/11?
by Waseem Shehzad

December, 2015
While absolutely abhorrent, the Paris attacks, as others elsewhere, must be viewed beyond the self-serving statements of Western policymakers. Intensifying the same failed policies will not yield different results.


Paris, Saudi camel and the Zionist monkey!

December, 2015
Amid all the hype, tough talk and name calling following the Paris attacks, two names are conspicuous by their absence: Wahhabi Arabia and Zionist Israel. The role these two entities play is worth a closer look.


Muslim unity and Unity Week
by Zafar Bangash

December, 2015
The occasion of the Prophet’s (saws) birthday provides a unique opportunity for Muslims to foster unity, love and understanding and to address the myriad problems facing the Muslim world.

News & Analysis

Russia, Syria, NATO, and unintended consequences
by Crescent Correspondent

December, 2015
The situation in Syria is getting more complicated. With Russian bombing raids against terrorist targets and Nato countries getting in the way, there could be serious consequences that nobody wants.

Special Reports

Putin’s initiative for global peace
by General Mirza Aslam Beg

December, 2015
President Vladimir Putin is moving deftly to position Russia in a pivotal position in global politics. Russia’s involvement in Syria is a calculated move that is part of a larger plan that Putin is persuing.

Editor's Desk

Turkey as Nato’s doormat?

December, 2015
Turkey could not have shot down the Russian plane over Syria without some coordination with other Nato members. Russia has dismissed Turkish claims that the plane was shot down because it had intruded into Turkish air space.

Letters To The Editor

The doomed Kingdom of Bani Saud!

December, 2015
The artificial kingdom of Bani Saud is doomed because events are spinning out of their control, writes Muslim Mahmood from Nigeria.