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Aleppo: A city ravaged by takfiri terrorists and imperialism
by crescent-online

July, 2015
This report is from an Aleppo resident whose identity is protected for the sake of his entire family’s safety and security. They are living through the daily hardships of life in an externally created war zone. Water and electricity shortages, NATO- and US-backed terrorists embedded in multiple areas of the city creating random buffer zones where the risk of being sniped or shelled is a daily occurrence.

Main Stories

Personal interests invariably trump principles
by Zafar Bangash

July, 2015
Almost all people claim to follow some principles but when it comes to their personal interests, principles are often quickly abandoned.


Emergence of the neo-Ahzab
by Zafar Bangash

July, 2015
History is repeating itself. The enemies of Allah and of the committed Muslims are once again getting together to destroy the Islamic State. Like the Prophet’s (saws) time, the neo-Ahzab will also fail, in Sha Allah.


Who’s backing the takfiris?
by Zafar Bangash

July, 2015
The takfiris did not emerge in a vacuum. They have been financed, trained and armed by a number of countries for their nefarious designs. We expose the conspirators.

News & Analysis

Blowback from Najdi Bedouins’ attack on Yemen
by Yusuf Dhia-Allah

July, 2015
The Najdi Bedouins’ attack on Yemen has resulted in not only Saudi casualties but also given rise to freedom movements inside the kingdom. The Bedouins may have bitten more than they can chew.

İslamic Movement

“Imam Khomeini is alive”
by Eric Walberg

July, 2015
Where Imam Khomeini’s anniversary drew hundreds of people to the program, it also attracted an odd assortment of parasites and anti-Islamic mobsters that had escaped from Iran because of their links with the despicable regime of the Shah.

Special Reports

Omar Khadr’s long, tortuous journey to freedom
by Tahir Mahmoud

July, 2015
Omar Khadr has finally won freedom, thanks to the dogged determination of his lawyers Dennis Edney and Nate Whittling. It wasn’t easy; the Harper regime fought them tooth and nail but the courts finally sided with Omar Khadr.

Editor's Desk

Zionist army gives itself clean bill of health

July, 2015
It kills innocent people including children but refuses to accept any responsibility. The Zionist military insists it has done “nothing wrong”. The reality is different.

Letters To The Editor

Mursi’s death sentence condemned

July, 2015
The Egyptian military regime and its kangaroo courts have sentenced scores of people to death, including the first-ever elected president in Egypt’s history, Mohamed Mursi. It has evoked strong global condemnation.