Home News I Lived Like Matilda Djerf for a Week– 7 Style, Makeup, and Hair Tips I Tried

I Lived Like Matilda Djerf for a Week– 7 Style, Makeup, and Hair Tips I Tried

I Lived Like Matilda Djerf for a Week– 7 Style, Makeup, and Hair Tips I Tried

Matilda Djerf is a Swedish influencer, design, and designer, understood for her strong and edgy design. She’s gotten a big following on Instagram for her bold style options and distinct appeal looks. I chose to challenge myself and see if I might recreate a few of her try to find a week. Here are 7 design, makeup and hair suggestions I attempted– and liked!

1. Buy Quality Basics

Matilda’s design is everything about making a declaration with her essentials. She typically uses top quality, timeless products like jeans coats, white tees, and black denims. Buy some quality fundamentals that will last you a very long time. You can dress them up or down, depending upon the event.

2. Layer, Layer, Layer!

Layering is among Matilda’s go-to relocations. She likes to blend and match textures, patterns, and colors to produce special and trendy appearances. Do not be scared to blend various pieces together– a printed gown with a leather coat. Have a good time and be innovative!

3. Accent

Matilda enjoys to accent her appearances with fashion jewelry, hats, and bags. Buy some declaration pieces that you can blend and match with your attire. A vibrant pendant or a special bag can take your seek to the next level.

4. Go Bold with Makeup

Matilda isn’t scared to take threats with her makeup looks. She frequently chooses significant eyes, vibrant lips, and highlighter. Attempt explore various makeup looks and do not hesitate to opt for something out of your convenience zone.

5. Have a good time with Your Hair

Matilda enjoys to have a good time with her hair. She typically alters her hair color and design, from dynamic red to smooth and straight. Try various hairdos and hair colors to discover one that matches you.

6. Accept Your Natural Beauty

Matilda’s design is everything about welcoming her natural appeal. She likes to flaunt her freckles, her natural complexion, and her special functions. Do not hesitate to display your natural appeal and be positive in your own skin.

7. Have a good time with Your Style

Matilda likes to have a good time with her design and press the borders. Experiment with brand-new patterns, mix and match various pieces, and do not hesitate to experiment. Have a good time with your design and be imaginative!


Living like Matilda Djerf for a week was an enjoyable obstacle! I enjoyed try out her strong design, makeup looks, and hair suggestions. These 7 pointers are simple to include into your own design– simply do not hesitate to have a good time with it!

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